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01. Assurance Services

Globalization has increased the complexity of principles, regulations, disclosures and have widened the financial, economic, operational and business risks faced by entities. Competitive pressures and increased attention to corporate governance has enhanced the importance of enterprise risk assurance function. With increased regulatory requirements, disclosure norms and need for greater transparency in operations, stakeholders’ require assurance beyond the traditional norms and have become sophisticated, aware and demand greater transparency and uniformity in presentation of financial statements thus making assurance a necessity.

Our audit and assurance service professional provides a range of audit and advisory services to assist clients in achieving their business objectives, managing their risks to minimum and improving their business performance. Our audit services extend beyond the conventional financial reporting, as we take time to understand clients’ business needs and blend with the sectors in which they operate. We are committed to the highest professional ethics, standards and principles. Our services enable our clients to effectively coordinate their growth with the quality and operational challenges faced by them.

»  Statutory Audits
»  Tax Audits
»  Vat Audits
»  Internal & Management Audits
»  Transfer Pricing Audits
»  System Audits
»  Social Audits
»  Special Audits & Assessments
»  Internal Control and Compliance audits
»  Management Assurance
»  Socio Assurance

02. Taxation Services

Today all the business entities are continually challenged to manage the impact of multiple and ever changing tax jurisdictions and managements have realized that tax should be viewed as a dynamic item of cost, rather than a passive charge on profits. Our firm assist businesses, organisations and individuals with tax strategy, planning and compliance, whilst also delivering a wide range of business advisory services. We help our clients to develop the appropriate transfer pricing strategy, balance opportunity and risk management and help in mitigating hardships and offer tax advice in a result oriented manner.

»  Double Tax Avoidance Advisory
»  Transfer Pricing
»  Taxation Litigation Services
»  Corporate Taxation Advisory
»  Direct Taxation Advisory
»  Indirect Taxation Advisory
»  Tax Review (Due Diligence)
»  E-filing of various returns

03. Regulatory Advisory Services

Globalization and liberalization have impacted Corporate India tremendously, over the last 2 decades the activities of the corporate citizen have become more and more complex. Corporate India has undertaken cross border transactions involving foreign investments, formed trade councils, etc. leaving no stone unturned to make its presence felt globally. This dynamic environment, in which a corporate entity functions, is entwined in a complicated legal and regulatory labyrinth requiring compliances at every step. Our team helps its clients focus on their business while, it focuses on ensuring compliances and offers advise related services wherever needed.

»  Limited Liability Partnership Law
»  Corporate Law
»  Foreign Exchange Law
»  Trade Marks

04. NGO / Trust Services

A non-governmental organization (NGO) is a citizen-based association that operates independently of government, usually to deliver resources or serve some social or political purpose. The World Bank classifies NGOs as either operational NGOs, which are primarily concerned with development projects, or advocacy NGOs, which are primarily concerned with promoting a cause.

Indian Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) can be set up under various Indian laws, and the different legal entities under which civil society organizations can register themselves such as a Society under the Societies Registration Act, 1860, Public Charitable Trust, Section 25 Company, etc. We assist in the registration procedures of Societies, Trusts and Section 25 Companies.

We guide our clients through the modes and methods, procedural formalities and the process of documentation. We also counsel them regarding the benchmark required for registration. Our panels of accountants with their sound professional information help organizations to meet the requisite criteria to obtain and avail tax exemptions for noble causes. We provide all the services pertaining to NGOs, including incorporation, compliance related to applicable laws, audits, taxation and other routine compliances.

05.Accounting Advisory Services

Modern day business faces myriad complex accounting issues related to acquisitions, consolidations, debt/equity offerings, restatements, treasury, hedging and more. These are major challenges and may disrupt an organisation’s day-to-day operations.

We help companies maximise value during these moments of exceptional change. With a network of trusted advisors, we support companies with their accounting, financial reporting and valuation needs. Our practitioners combine accounting, valuation and tax expertise to help our clients preserve the value of their business. We tailor solutions to the client’s needs, allowing clients to concentrate on business operations leaving the worries of accounting and compliances on our trusted team.

06. Setting up Business in India

The world is focused on India as a lucrative business opportunity. It is boom time in business thanks to favourable policies of the Government of India, large pool of trained software professionals, skilled talent and the unique advantage of the time zone difference. These positive indicators have attracted many foreign corporations to set up their business operations in India. At the same time, doing business in India has its own set of challenges, as it involves understanding the complex taxation system in India, taking care of statutory compliances, detailed documentation, and local laws including labour laws and most important, getting the right kind of resources to do the job.

Our firm helps people in overcoming these challenges. We specialize in providing a complete service for India subsidiaries of overseas groups. We pull together the skill, resources and expertise of professionals with wide educational and legal backgrounds. We work closely with each client and provide our experience and expertise in helping them to decide the status through which he should start-up his business. In addition, clients' needs are efficiently handled through the effective flow of information within the firm and high quality research materials with well-equipped library and computer support service. This leaves the clients free to focus on their energy on their existing business.

07. Consulting Services

We help organisations work smarter and grow faster. Reach out to us to build effective organisations, reduce costs, manage risk and regulation and leverage talent. The business and management consulting services rendered by the firm handles a wide range of problems faced by the clients. These include:

»  Share valuations
»  Assisting in preparation and filling of various returns
»  Assisting in maintenance of statutory records and registers
»  Personal financing planning
»  Acting as arbitrator
»  Assisting in preparation of Wills and other legal documents.

08.Corporate Law Matters

Corporate India is governed by the Companies Act, 1956 / Companies Act, 2013 and other allied laws. The Companies Act, 2013 has brought in many new challenges and compliances. The changing environment has also brought Compliance to the forefront in India in recent times, with constant amendment to the statutes and the strictures of law, the adherence to the Companies Law, has been made more stringent.

In the face of these continuous changes, we at P.C.Goyal & Co. undertake advisory and compliance related services under the Companies Act, 2013 and the new intended legislation including documentation and registrations required with the Registrar of Companies. Our services in Corporate Law Matters are customized in accordance to client's specific requirements. We assist the client's from the very initial processes of company incorporation to company maintenance process, regulatory compliance, XBRL services, etc. We also provide specialized services in conversion of Companies into LLP.

»  Formation of Indian and Offshore Companies
»  Advising on various matters under the Companies Act, 2013 including appearance before the Company Law board
»  Assisting in winding-up of companies/striking off the name from Registrar of Companies under the Act
»  E-filing of returns & other documents with ministry of Corporate Affairs
»  Share valuation
»  Mergers and Acquisition
»  Corporate Restructuring

09.Business Process Outsourcing

»  Book Keeping and preparation of final accounts
»  Payroll
»  Preparation of management accounts and management information systemss
»  Fixed Assets verification and completion of records
»  Preparation and Maintenance of stock records


Providing our clients with a full range of high quality services in Auditing, Accounting, Taxation, Secretarial Services, Company Law Matter, FEMA and Management Consultancy. Carrying all aspects of our work to high level of professionalism and excellence. Giving our clients value for money in the services we provide.